Experiences are an essential part of our lives they influence the brands we choose the jobs we do and how we do them they motivate employees connect customers and energized leaders and they’re essential to every company’s success that’s why many businesses are investing in experiences more than ever but companies struggle to realize or measure business outcomes from their investments or get sustained value from them leaders are asking, does our customer experience accurately reflect our brand? does our employee experience enable our customer experience? how do our organization’s cultural norms affect our employee experience? what’s my role as a leader in driving value across these different types of experiences the concept we originated in 2019 return on experience can help answer those questions our eox brings together experience and operational data across five components pride influencers behaviors value drivers and outcomes to create powerful insights but it’s so much more with our o X you can connect customer employee and leadership experience systematically to drive value from your investments and boost returns while customer experience is about creating a journey of memorable moments an employee experiences an inspirational movement leadership experience is a catalyst to help every people leader accelerate customer experience and employee experience so how does our o X help drive value with a fast feedback loop you’ll be able to activate insights and improve every moment of the customer and employee journey deeper data analysis and operating changes will help you build a more agile intelligent and customer centric organization you’ll create a cultural evolution with a system of listening rewarding critical behaviors and nurturing future leaders want to find out how your experiences can add value for your business.