There are several handy craft companies in India that have taken initiatives to become carbon neutral or reduce their carbon footprint. While I cannot provide an exhaustive list, here are a few notable examples of carbon neutral handy craft companies in India:

  1. Kaka Group Bhadohi is the leading carpet and floor covering company in India. Its sister companies are Kaka Overseas Ltd, Kaka Carpet, Shobha Woollen Pvt Ltd, Rugsotic and Rugsotic Pvt Ltd. Not to forget that recently the company became associated with solar energy, and it is a big decision for the company to take a step towards environment-friendly living. India is a developing country that suffers from a deficiency in energy because of the continuous use of power consumption from medium to large companies. The decision of Kaka Overseas is like a “cherry on the cake.” It helps the company to reduce its carbon footprint. As well, the company is here to add more significant business value. The company believes in green business and CSR goals. By achieving the solar energy business concept, one leaves less or no carbon footprint for their next generation. It is a clean and environment-friendly business organization for clients, investors, and customers. They are here to play the big game without spreading any pollution. The CSR goals are transparent, and the company believes in a clear ecosystem that will help the company and think for the betterment of the customers. It helps the economic growth of the company.  Mr. Yadvendra Kumar Roy – ED (Executive Director)  of the Kaka Group and the backbone of the organization, is the driving force behind its success. Source :
  2. Eco Tasar: Eco Tasar is a sustainable textile company that produces handmade silk and wool products. They focus on eco-friendly practices, including the use of natural dyes, organic fibers, and energy-efficient production methods. They have implemented measures to offset their carbon emissions and promote sustainability in their supply chain.
  3. Sasha: Sasha is a fair trade organization that works with artisans across India to create handmade crafts and textiles. They emphasize sustainable practices and have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly materials, promoting recycling and waste reduction, and investing in renewable energy sources.
  4. Conscious Chokri: Conscious Chokri is a social enterprise that produces handcrafted accessories using sustainable and upcycled materials. They prioritize eco-friendly production processes and have taken steps to measure and offset their carbon emissions. They also promote environmental awareness and responsible consumption.
  5. Pochampally Handloom Park: Pochampally Handloom Park is a cooperative society in Telangana that promotes handloom weaving. They have implemented sustainable practices, including rainwater harvesting, use of natural dyes, and energy-efficient looms. They also actively work towards reducing their carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly initiatives.
  6. Creative Handicrafts: Creative Handicrafts is a fair trade organization that supports women artisans in Mumbai. They produce a wide range of handmade products using sustainable materials and techniques. They have implemented measures to reduce their carbon footprint, such as promoting energy conservation and waste management.

These are just a few examples of handy craft companies in India that are actively working towards carbon neutrality or implementing sustainable practices. Many other companies in the sector are also taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote eco-friendly initiatives.

It is advisable to conduct further research and reach out to individual companies for more detailed information on their specific carbon neutrality initiatives and sustainability practices.