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1. Dorito Exotic chips : We’ve got a selection of limited edition and exotic Doritos from all over the world. Try flavors and shapes that you can’t find in the United States. Imported from China, Turkey, Netherlands, Canada, and more!

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2. Double Mint : This sugar free mint is especially designed keeping in mind that calorie conscious person in you.

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3. Exotic Cookies : Exotic cookies may incorporate ingredients such as spices, fruits, nuts, herbs, and even savory elements to create distinct flavor profiles. 

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4. Exotic Hershey : Exotic combinations. Extraordinarily delicious. Crafted with an intriguing combination of smooth, dark cocoa rich chocolate and exotic fruit and almond flavors.

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5. Exotic Oreo thins : Enjoy “Exotic Oreo Thins” as a delightful snack during your break at work, school, or home. 

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6. Exotic Oreos : Discover the thrill of snacking with our collection of exotic Oreo flavors from around the globe. These limited edition Oreos offer a unique twist on the classic cookie, perfect for the adventurous snack lover. Don’t miss out on these rare treats, indulge,your taste buds in an exotic snack journey with Oreos today!

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7. Exotic Skittles : Experience the ultimate taste sensation with Skittles Crazy Sours Squishy Cloudz from Arksmoke

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8. Exotic skittles gummies : Floral fruit flavor. These Limited Edition Floral Fruit Skittles imported from China feature flavours you can’t find in the States: Rose & Grape, Rose & Peach, Rose & Lychee, Jasmine & Grapefruit, and Jasmine & Passionfruit.

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9. Exotic Skittles lollipops : Taste the Rainbow with Skittles Fruit Flavor Lollipop. Each package contains 5 individually wrapped lollipops that consists of three delicious refreshing flavors of sea salt pinapple, honeydew, and mango.

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10. Exotic Wafer rolls : These Oreo Wafer Rolls can be used as a straw in your milk. Simply stick one of these Oreo Rolls in a glass of milk and slurp up the milk.

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11. Hubba Bubba : Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum Imported Raspberry Chewing Gum.

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12. Lays Exotic Chips : Dive into a world of extraordinary flavors with our collection of exotic Lays potato chips. Sourced from China, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and more, these unconventional snacks offer a mischievous twist to your cravings. Don’t miss out on these limited edition, spicy delights that promise to take your taste buds on a global adventure.

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13. Ramen Noodles : Made with organic, high quality flour, our Ramen noodles have a thin, chewy texture and are the perfect addition to a steaming hot bowl of soup or as a quick stir-fry on it’s own.

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14. Reeses : Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are an American candy by The Hershey Company consisting of a peanut butter cup encased in chocolate.

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15. Snickers Almond : The Snickers flavor resembled that of rocky road. It had roasted almonds, marshmallow-flavored nougat, and caramel in a dark chocolate coating.

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16. Starburst : Starburst has many different varieties, such as Tropical, Sour, FaveREDs, Watermelon, Very Berry, Superfruit, Summer Blast and Original.

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17. Twix : TWIX bar gets you gooey caramel and rich chocolate in every bite along with just the right bit of crunch.

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