Our house is the best place we always wish to go back to, wherever we go around the world. We can’t always perceive what others believe about the look of our exterior and interior decors, but we sure can do a good job to make ourselves feel happy about it, whether we are inside the house or coming home after a long trip. However we like to decorate our rooms, there is one thing that creates an aura of a great look with the furniture: an elegant area rugs. Picking the right area and a rug for it can do wonders for the look of your rooms. Let’s have a look at the top 5 ways we can upgrade the looks of our rooms with rugs: ❖ Pick a Theme: If you are new to the concept of having rugs in your room, you should know about the effects they can add to the design of your room. Apart from giving comfort to the legs, they act as a shield and don’t let your floors get dirty. You can have solid-colored rugs if your room is very colorful and doesn’t go with a simple solo design. You can even experiment and combine a solid rug with a contrasting shaded patterned rug. You will be the first to judge and experiment with your pickings of the rugs, and without mixing up different flavors we won’t know how good they can perk up the rooms. ❖ Change Equilibrium with Striped Rugs: In case your room has a simple colored theme, you can brighten it up by using a striped rug with different colors than what you have on the walls. For example, a big-sized living room striped rug can elevate the perception of the room, as it can attract attention whenever you enter the area and they won’t go big on your wallet. You can create a palette of different colors which takes all the attention from the walls and make them focus on the striped rugs. Stripes are very easy to spot in any space, and they can fuse with other variations of the room. ❖ Underline your furniture: Keeping rugs under your furniture, or just covering the edges of them will make it look much better than it was without rugs. It can make your room look bigger. If one rug doesn’t cover the whole space, try mixing two different styles or colors to make it look striking too so as not to miss any eye. You can even change the arrangement of furniture to seek which styles get synced with the rugs. ❖ Pick Color Schemes just like you shop Clothing: While buying rugs, imagination will play a vital role in seeing which colors will suit the particular area or arrangement where you wish to place them. Among the vast availability of different types, shades and colors of the rug, your pickings will define the artistry of the room space. ♪ Choose the Zone: By zone, we mean the area you want to get dyed with rugs. It can be a full room, or it can be a small space in a corner. It can cover the television area, or be a cushion where the kids play. When you see some of the specific rug types, you will discover some of them are made for a particular area only and won’t fit elsewhere.