Rugs are one of the essentials in every household. A good rug will not only keep your house warm, but it will also absorb the dirt and dirt from the home’s environment and keep it fresh and healthy. 

The market offers a plethora of rugs in different designs, materials, and colors, which can work with any kind of home interior perfectly. When it comes to buying rugs for your home, you can either shop online or offline. 

Online rug stores are catching the attention of people nowadays by offering attractive deals and a quality range of products. The brick and mortar stores also allow people to get complete assistance to find the right rug for their space without making costly mistakes. 

It is always hard to choose a way to shop for rugs for your home. So, here we have discussed all the perks and drawbacks of these two methods below that you need to know for a better experience. 

Buying rugs online:


  1.       Convenience:

Convenience is one of the perks of purchasing rugs online. You don’t have to get out of your bed, dress well, start your vehicle, drive to a brick and mortar store and wait in line. 

You can simply order a rug with your smart device without leaving the bed. It makes the process convenient and time-saving. 

  1.       Reasonable prices:

You will find better prices online as compared to any brick-and-mortar store. The online seller can provide the lowest possible price as they don’t need to invest money in the maintenance of the store. 

So, they can cut the cost of their expenses and deliver high-quality rugs at an attractive price. 

  1.       Discount deals:

The online market is very competitive and you will find several stores that sell carpets and rugs. The online stores provide attractive offers and deals to grab the attention of customers and beat the competitors. 

So, you can take advantage of discount deals and get a quality rug at the best price. 

  1.       Easy delivery:

You don’t have to wait for weeks to get the rug delivered to your doorstep. The fastest shipping services allow people to receive their orders at the right time. So, you can skip the hassle of loading your rugs to your home and enjoy your experience.


  1.       Tricky to identify the product quality:

Honestly, you can’t touch the rug when you are purchasing it online. You have to rely on the product descriptions and images to identify the quality of rugs to make the right choice. 

  1.       Measurement failures: 

People often experience fitting issues when they purchase the rugs online as it is hard to estimate the size with an image. However, you can use some mathematics to calculate the size and avoid the fitting issues. 

Buying rugs offline:


  1.       Easy to identify the quality:

The brick and mortar stores allow the customer to touch and feel the rugs. You can identify the quality of the rug easily and determine the softness and comfort. It will help you in choosing a rug that can provide you desired warmth and comfort in your home. 

  1.       Buying assistance:

People often get confused while purchasing rugs for their homes. If you are the one, who can’t decide between two amazing items, then buying assistance will help you in making a wiser choice. They can explain the benefits and drawbacks of a product. So, you can make a choice easily. 

  1.       Perfect fitting: 

You will never experience fitting issues while purchasing rugs in-store. You can easily get the idea of the size and shape and imagine how it will look in your living room. It will allow you to make the right choices. 


  1.       Inconvenient:

Offline shopping is inconvenient and time-consuming. You have to visit different stores to get the product that you are looking for. There are no filters to shortlist the product and you have to look at everything to find out the right item for you. 

  1.       Expensive:

Some brick and mortar stores are quite expensive. You can find a better price range online and save some money. The brick and mortar stores have to spend money on facilities and services to impress the customers, which increases their expenses. 

  1.       Limited choices: 

The brick and mortar stores have limited stock and limited choices for the customers. You will never get as many choices as you can find online. So, you have to choose a rug from the available range. 

In the final note:

Online and in-store, both methods have some pros and cons. Now, it depends on you what you want the most. If you want to save your time and make the buying process easy, then shop online.

The internet is offering some amazing opportunities for you. So, it is the time to enjoy the perks.