The kid’s room is one of the creative areas of a home, where you can never apply your home décor rules. Kids imagine a lot and their imaginations are full of life and colors. This is why you should add more colors to your kid’s room to improve the style of décor. 

When it comes to decorating a kid’s room, you have to pay attention to everything including wallpaper, curtains, furniture, and rugs as well. Instead of picking solid colors, you can go with graphics as it will make your décor job easier. 

The rug plays an essential role in home décor. They have the potential to transform the style of a room completely. This is why you have to pick a rug for kids carefully to get the desired results. 

Solid and striped area rugs are also a smart choice, which you can buy for your kids. These rugs offer a variety of color choices to buyers. Plus, you can style them anywhere perfectly. 

However, you have to keep a few things in mind while buying solid and striped area rugs for your kids. 

  1.       Color scheme:

Color scheme plays an important role when you are decorating your kid’s room. Adding color is one of the priorities of the décor job. However, you have to focus on balancing colors. Adding too many colors can also make the room look ugly. 

So, you have to pick a color scheme that you can follow to pick similar colors. Try to pick cool tone colors as they will not only make the kid’s room colorful but also make it peaceful as well. It will keep your kids calm. 

  1.       Size of the rug:

The size of a rug is also an essential factor that you have to look at while buying solid and striped area rugs online. You can never pick a regular size rug for your kid’s room as it will cover more space and make the room look smaller and untidy. 

Instead of covering the entire flooring with rugs, you can just add a small rug in the middle of the room. So, your kids can find a spot to play. It will not only set a boundary line for your kids but also make the room larger and tidy. 

  1.       Pick a good quality material:

You can never compromise with the material while buying rugs for kids. Pick a high-quality and safe material and keep the environment of the room fresh by absorbing the dust. 

Instead of buying a heavy striped area rug for your kid’s room, find thin and comfortable area rugs, which are easier to clean. So, you can clean them regularly and keep your kids safe from unwanted allergies.  

  1.       Try unique shapes:

Instead of buying the regular shape of a rug, it is time to buy oval, square, and triangle solid and striped rugs for your kids. A unique shape can creatively transform the entire style of a room. Plus, your kids will love an oval-shaped rug in their room. 

Moreover, you can also find rugs in the shape of animals, alphabets, and cartoon characters, which will also uplift the décor theme. However, if you want to go with a timeless rug, then you can buy a multicolored striped rug for your kids and enjoy long-term benefits. 

  1.       Pay attention to maintenance:

Kids always spill things everywhere. You have to keep this thing in mind while buying solid and striped area rugs online. You have to get a rug that can handle small wear and tear. Plus, get a rug that is easy to clean and dry. 

Try to avoid picking materials like wool and silk as they require a lot of maintenance. You can simply go with cotton rugs as they are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain.

  1.       Consider the texture of the rug:

Yes, get a rug for kids that is soft and cushiony. The texture of a rug decides comfort and softness. A soft and cushiony rug will keep your kid’s feet warm and comfortable while playing or walking. 

Get a high-pile solid and striped area rug as it will provide a soft and safe landing to the kids in the case of a sudden fall and jump and keep your kids protected.  

In the nutshell: 

Let’s get the best solid and striped area rugs for your kid’s room to introduce colors to them and add comfort and warmth to their little world.