The oriental rugs are popular for their vibrant colors and interesting designs. Some of them are made of natural fibers and natural dyes instead of synthetic materials, which make them rich in quality. 

The oriental rugs are handmade and infused the ancient artwork, which makes them unique pieces of art. You can instantly add value to your aesthetics and improve the visual appeal of your place with these rugs. 

The oriental rugs are designed in different corners of the world. They hold an old history in different countries. Do you know where oriental rugs come from?

  1.       Persian rugs:

Persian rugs are one of the most famous styles of oriental rugs. When people think about oriental rugs, the Persian rugs are the first idea that comes to their minds. Persia is one of the places of origin of oriental rugs. 

The Persian rugs hold an important presence in the history of Persia. You will find some religious patterns and symbols in the Persian rugs. The designs are inspired by their culture and history. 

  1.       Indian rugs:

India is one of the countries that supply oriental rugs to the United States. Most of the rugs that are sold in the US are made in India. The Indian oriental rugs are handmade, which are designed by rural workers. 

The Indian oriental rugs are made of natural fibers like cotton as inspired by the old artwork. You will find these rugs a little bit expensive as compared to other oriental rugs. 

  1.       Turkey:

Turkey is also known for oriental rugs. These rugs have a presence in the history of turkey. Turkish rugs are known for their beauty, warm colors, and unique designs. After World War I, turkey is striving to establish their root in rug production and revive their old artwork. 

  1.       Tibet:

Tibetan rugs are also popular oriental rugs. These rugs are made of natural wool fiber. A Tibetan rug takes at least 3000 hours to complete. These rugs are prepared by skilled workers. You will find unique patterns, designs, and rich colors in Tibetan rug that will instantly boost your home décor. 

Decorate your home with oriental rugs:

Choosing the right Oriental rugs online is important to get the best value for your money. However, you also learn the art of using these rugs in your home décor to maximize the visual appeal of your home. 

Here we have discussed a few tricks below that will help you in home décor. 

  1.       Make the rug the focal point of the room:

The oriental rugs are hard to avoid. They come with vibrant colors, designs, and patterns, which make them an attraction. Your visitors will pay attention to the Oriental rug. So, you can make it the focal point of your room. 

Instead of pairing the rug with the rest of the interior of your home, get the right interior that complements the beauty of your oriental rug. Focus on the rug and design everything around it. 

It will help you in achieving the right balance in your home décor and set an appealing atmosphere in your living room. 

  1.       Pair them with other rugs wisely:

People always pair two rugs together to cover a large area and enhance the visual appeal. Using two rugs together is one of the smart choices as it not only helps you to cover a large area and connect two different areas, but it also adds more color to the home décor. 

When it comes to decorating your home with oriental rugs, you have to carefully pair them with other rugs. These rugs are striking and you can never pair them with your regular rugs. So, get the different styles of Oriental rugs for paring. It will create a balance and improve your home décor. 

  1.       Focus on your furniture:

Furniture plays an important role in home décor. The oriental rugs are always available in rich colors as they are made of natural colors and fibers. This is why you have to set the right type of furniture around them that perfectly complement the beauty of oriental rugs. 

You don’t have to replace your modern-day furniture with a vintage one to set the vibe. These rugs will work amazingly with your modern furniture. All you need to do is pick the right color scheme for a good balance. 

  1.       Give attention to small details like prints and colors: 

The oriental rugs are always inspired by old artwork and culture. So, you will get the reflection of old cultural beliefs in the designs and patterns. This is why you have to give attention to small details like prints and colors to make the home décor easy. 

Instead of picking complex geometric designs and patterns, just go with lively colors and designs to make the job easier for you.