Looking for outdoor area rugs? Doesn’t have any idea where to begin? Outdoor area rugs are trending as people start utilizing their outdoor space more than a living room.

A backyard is not only good for growing plants and grass, you can turn this space into a comfortable sitting or dining area, where you can enjoy fun activities under the open sky. Adding an outdoor area rug to the space will simply uplift the comfort and beauty and allow you to design a second living room with fresh air and sun.

When it comes to buying outdoor area rugs online, you have to understand that you can never use the rugs, which you are using inside. The outdoor area rugs are made of long-lasting materials, which can hold up against challenging climatic conditions, stains, and fading.

So, here we have shared a short guide for choosing an ideal area rug for your home. It will help you in purchasing the best area rug within your budget to enjoy the amazing benefits.

  1.       Pick the right outdoor area rug material:

Pick a material for durable outdoor area rugs, stain and water-resistant, and survive in harsh climatic conditions. So, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of outdoor area rugs and get the best value for money.

  •         Polypropylene:

The outdoor rugs are made of synthetic materials and polypropylene is one of the popular materials. It is stain resistant, handles high traffic and moisture, will not fade from sunlight and you can clean the rug easily using simple cleaning methods.

The polypropylene rugs will provide you desired comfort and warmth as compared to any indoor rug with additional benefits.

  •         Polyester:

Polyester is another synthetic area rug, which is the best for your outdoor areas. These rugs work best in a dry climate as compared to a rainy and humid environment. The polyester rugs are easier to clean and fade resisted.

You can remove the dirt and dust by vacuum and enjoy the long-lasting benefits. However, it is difficult to clean oily stains from these rugs. So, you should avoid using them in your outdoor dining areas.

  •         Nylon:

Nylon is also known as a long-lasting synthetic material, which you can buy for your outdoor rugs. The nylon rugs are best for patios as you can cover the flooring using these rugs and get cushiony comfort.

These rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas. So, you can simply use them for patio and entryways and improve the beauty of your home exterior.

  •         Jute: 

If you are looking for a natural fiber rug for your outdoor areas, then jute is one of the best options for you. The jute area rugs are affordable and come with excellent durability. The texture will improve the outdoor comfort for you and uplift the beauty of the space.

You can use jute rugs under the covered patio to enjoy the long-term benefits and minimize the damage.

  1.       Rug placement:

The right place for outdoor area rugs is important to improve the beauty of your home exterior and save the deck. People try to cover the entire patio using rugs to maximize comfort, which is a costly mistake that can ruin the beauty of your outdoor space.

Place the rug under the furniture in your dining area to provide a comfortable surface for your guests. Plus, keep the front foot of furniture on the rug in the sitting area. The right placement of the rug will change the décor game for you.

  1.       Outdoor rug size and shape:

Choosing the right size and shape for an outdoor area rug is one of the important tasks. However, it is a confusing task for the homeowners as well. You don’t have to get the biggest size of a rug to cover your patio.

All you need to get is a size outdoor area rug that is 2’ wider than the table from all sides. It is the basic rule that you can follow to choose an ideal size. You can buy square or rectangle area rugs to make the job easy for you.

  1.       Care and maintenance of outdoor area rug: 

The outdoor area rugs get dirty in a very short time as they handle the harsh climatic conditions and hold more dirt and dust as compared to inside area rugs. So, you have to pay more attention to the care and maintenance of outdoor area rugs.

Get a rug that you can clean with easy cleaning methods to save your time. Make cleaning a habit to increase the life of your outdoor area rugs and maintain their beauty.

In the final note: 

Let’s get the best outdoor area rug for your home by following the rules to create a new area in your home, where you can relax.


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