Oriental rugs are popular for their unique designs, rich colors, and ancient history. These rugs are considered one of the oldest rugs, which were designed in the 5th century BC.

Persian rugs are also one of the popular styles of oriental rugs, which are known for their rich historical culture, hand-woven techniques, and natural dyes and fabric. The authentic oriental rugs are handmade and made of natural fiber threads and vegetable dyes and colors. 

The oriental rugs are made of materials like wool, silk, and cotton, which give them a smooth shine and finish. The attractive designs, patterns, and rich colors make these rugs a piece of unique art. So, you can simply add luxury to your ordinary home by adding oriental rugs. 

The authentic oriental rugs can make a huge difference in your home décor and allow you to set an appealing home décor style. However, you have to place the oriental in the right place to achieve the perfect look and set your home décor on fire.

So, do you know how you can improve the visual appeal by placing the oriental rugs correctly? Here we have mentioned the top 5 spots, which you can highlight using oriental rugs. 

  1.       Place an oriental rug in the living room:

The living room is one of the perfect places to use oriental rugs. It is the center of your home, where you can add vibrant colors to improve the overall home décor style. The right piece of Oriental rug will make a huge difference in the style of your living room and provide exceptional comfort to your feet. 

You can follow the art of layering and place a small-sized oriental rug on top of your wall-to-wall area rug. It will highlight the colors and beauty of your room and grab the attention of your visitors. 

  1.       Décor your hallway with an oriental rug:

The hallway is one of the high-traffic areas of your home, which connect different corners of a room. You can follow the hallway to reach the kitchen, living room, and bedroom as well. So, you can never leave this space without the right piece of rug. 

Placing an oriental rug in the hallway will not only add some colors to your home. However, the handmade oriental rugs are durable and work amazing in high-traffic areas as well. So, you can place a good-quality oriental rug at this spot to see the magic. 

  1.       Use oriental rugs for decorating stairs and walls:

Buy oriental rugs online to décor your empty walls and stairs. The Persian rugs are a piece of artwork. The symbols and designs tell a unique story and rich colors can add luxury to your home. 

These rugs are available in different sizes and shapes. So, you can lay oriental rugs on the stairs to reduce the noise and uplift the décor style. Moreover, decorating your empty wall with oriental rugs adds a unique touch to the style of your home décor. 

  1.       Place an oriental rug in the bedroom:

Do you want a luxurious bedroom? No, you don’t need to buy a huge bed, bouncy mattresses, and fancy curtains; a piece of Oriental rug is all you need. Get an oriental rug in rich colors like blue and maroon and you will see the amazing changes. 

These rugs will not only improve the coziness of your bedroom, but they will also help you in introducing colors to your bedroom and improve the visual appeal in minutes. 

  1.       Keep a Persian rug in your bathroom:

Yes, you can keep a Persian rug in the bathroom without thinking twice. The bathroom is also one of the important areas of a home as your visitors can use it anytime. The bathroom represents the lifestyle of a person. 

So, adding a Persian rug to your bathroom will not only improve the comfort, but it will also add luxury to your ordinary bathroom and turn it into a great place to get relaxed and refreshed. 

In the final note:

Let’s get the most out of the oriental rugs by highlighting these 5 spots of your home and enjoy home décor.