Geometric rugs are known for adding dimension to home décor. These are timeless rugs, which can perfectly complement different interior styles. The geometric area rugs are the best choice for homes, offices, and workplaces as they can simply add style to any place.

When it comes to buying geometric area rugs, you will find a wide range of options on the web. These rugs are available in attractive designs, colors, and patterns. The combination of two or more colors simply enhances the beauty of the geometric rugs and creates some brilliant illusions as well.

The geometric rugs are the best choice if you want to create a perception of a bigger living room or bedroom. You can pick specific shapes and designs, which will simply create a perception of a bigger room and make your place look spacious and airy. It is best for small-sized houses.

Handmade geometric rugs are popular worldwide and you will discover different styles and patterns of handmade rugs. Every country has a popular style of handmade geometric rug that can bring a difference to your home interior.

Do you know the different types of hand geometric rugs from around the world? Here we have listed the top of them below that you need to know to make the right choice.

1. Moroccan handmade geometric rug:

Morocco is known for appealing handmade rugs. The country has a history of famous rug waving techniques. The Moroccan handmade rugs also contribute to the economy of the country as they export these rugs all over the world.

The heritage art of the country represents geometric patterns and styles, which reflect the ancient artwork of Morocco. So, if you are looking for traditional designs for geometric rugs, then you can go for a Moroccan handmade geometric rug to improve your home interior.

2. Algerian hand geometric rug:

Algeria is also one of the competitive countries, which made a presence in the global market for handmade rugs. The country is known for its outstanding rug weaving techniques. You will explore diversity in the style of Algerian rugs.

If you love geometric area rugs, then here you will find a wide range of options. The Algerian handmade rugs include geometric shapes and patterns in a combination of rich colors, which tell the glorious history and ancient artwork. So, you can decorate your home with a unique piece of artwork and add style to your home décor.

3. Iranian geometric rug:

Iran is one of the popular countries, which is known for designing rugs. Iran has years old history in rug weaving techniques. Iranian rugs are one of the most popular and expensive rugs that you can find on the market.

The country is majorly known for producing Persian rugs, which are one of the most beautiful styles of traditional rugs. However, you will also discover a beautiful range of geometric rugs, which combine geometric shapes and objects in the combination of artwork and colors. The country will help you in discovering a new style of geometric rug.

4. Turkish hand geometric rug:

Turkish rugs are also famous for their quality and design. These rugs are made of wool material and woven by Ghiordes knot, which is a unique waving technique of turkey. These rugs are pretty similar to the Persian rugs and you can get them at a better price.

You will also find hand geometric rugs. The Turkish rugs are made with different geometric patterns and designs, which form unique symbols. So, it will look like an ancient artwork, which you can use to décor your living room in an antique style.

5. Tunisian hand geometric rug:

Tunisia is also a popular rug exporter, which is famous for handmade rugs. The Tunisian handmade geometric rug is also an attraction for buyers. These rugs include ancient symbols and designs.

You can also discover animal prints and floral designs in the range of geometric rugs, which enhance the beauty of a geometric rug. The hand geometric rugs of Tunisia represent the history of the country. You can simply buy a meaningful rug for your home to add some history to your home décor and create an interesting living room for your visitors.

In the final note: 

These are the top styles of handmade geometric rugs that you can find all over the world. Every country has its unique waving technique, culture, and ancient artwork, which make each rug different from the others.

So, buy the best hand geometric rug that fits your home décor style, meets your interest, and improve the visual appeal.