Contemporary area rugs are known for their trendy designs, crazy colors, graphics, and attractive patterns. These rugs represent modern-day art, which makes them extraordinary. The unique patterns and color scheme make them perfect for every household.

Contemporary area rugs: 

The contemporary area rugs are beautiful, versatile, and complete fun. Whether you are buying rugs for your new home or planning to renovate your old living room, you can simply buy trendy contemporary area rugs and make a difference in your home interior.

Choosing the right contemporary rug is one of the tricky tasks as you will get endless options to choose from. All you need to do is follow your interest and pick a contemporary rug that perfectly fits into your interior and improves the visual appeal.

Contemporary rugs are available in a wide color range, textures, graphics, and choices of materials. So, you have to carefully get the one that works for your space and allows you to enjoy excellent comfort.

Types of contemporary area rugs:

Do you know the available types of contemporary area rugs? The range of contemporary rugs is huge and you will find different options that can add style to your home.

Here we have mentioned the top types of contemporary rugs that you need to know to make the right choice.

  1. Wool contemporary rugs:

Based on material, the wool contemporary rug is one of the popular types of this style. These rugs are made of wool material. The traditional wool rugs are handmade and made of natural wool fiber. However, you will find machine-made rugs in the range of contemporary rugs.

These rugs are made of synthetic wool fiber, which makes them reasonable as compared to authentic oriental rugs. These rugs feel extra soft and comfortable that feel keep your feet warm.

  • Silk rugs:

Silk rugs are responsible for creating a luxurious shine in the interior. Natural silk fiber can cost expensive. So, if you want to add luxury to your home on a budget, then contemporary silk rugs are the best choice for you.

These rugs are made of silk-blend material, which is a synthetic fiber. They are available in different designs and colors that will add instant value to your home interior and enhance the visual appeal.

  • Cotton rugs:

Cotton rugs are one of the popular types of contemporary area rugs. The original cotton rugs are not expensive and available at a fair price range. So, if you don’t want to go with synthetic materials, then you can get authentic cotton rugs on a budget.

The natural cotton fibers make the rugs comfortable, lightweight, and durable. You can use these rugs in different areas of your home and enjoy long-lasting benefits.

  • Cut pile rugs:

This is also one of the popular types of contemporary area rugs based on manufacturing design. The cut pile carpets are extremely soft and comfortable. You will find these designs in the range of wool area rugs.

The cut pile not only enhances the texture of the contemporary rugs but also makes maintenance easy. It is easy to vacuum the dust and dirt from these rugs and make them clean and fresh all the time. Ensure, you consider the pile height to enjoy the best benefits.

  • Flat wave rugs:

Flat wave rugs are also one of the common types of contemporary area rug, which work amazingly in high-traffic areas. If you want to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of contemporary area rugs, then you can simply get these rugs as they will last for a long time.

These types of contemporary rugs are affordable, lightweight, and durable. Moreover, you can also clean them easily by using simple cleaning techniques.

  • Loop pile rugs: 

If you want to get a steady contemporary area rug for your home, then this is one of the suitable types for you. The loop pile rugs offer a variety of benefits to the users. The rug is made of tight loops, which improve its durability and strength.

It will not show any marks of heavy furniture and offer more grip that will reduce the risk of sudden slip. The only drawback of these rugs is that they don’t feel as soft as other types of contemporary rugs.

So, if you can adjust to the softness, then you can get these rugs for your living room and enjoy outstanding benefits.

In the final note:

These are some popular types of contemporary area rugs that you can choose for your home. Get the right type to experience the amazing benefits.