The Persian rugs are also known as Iranian carpets, which are famous for their ancient artwork, elegant designs, and high-quality materials. A Persian rug can last long for generations even after bearing heavy traffic of feet.

A Persian rug is a perfect choice for your Home. These rugs will not only add warmth and comfort to your space, but they will simply uplift the interior of your home and add luxury.



The Persian rugs are famous for their colorful artwork. You will find flowering patterns and animal prints in the rugs, which represent the ancient artwork of Iran. Every pattern is unique from each other as these rugs are hand-woven. So, you will get a unique piece of artwork for your home.

Today, Persian rugs are available on different websites. So, it is easy to buy Persian rugs for your home with minimum effort. However, you have to keep a few things in your mind while purchasing Persian rugs online to avoid any type of scam.

Here we have mentioned a quick buying guide to purchasing authentic Persian rugs online.

Find a reputed seller:

If you want to purchase original Persian rugs online, then you have to identify a genuine seller first. The web is fulfilled with plenty of stores, which offer Persian rugs at a surprising price range. Falling for attractive prices can lead you to scams.

So, start your research for finding a genuine seller. A trustable provider always has a good web presence with informative content. They ensure product quality and share every possible detail with the customers.



A little research will help you in identifying a good seller for you.

Check the knot count:

When you purchase a rug online, you can’t touch it or feel it. You have to rely on the images and product description. So, how you can identify the quality of Persian rugs for a better shopping experience?

Knot count plays an important role here. It represents the quality of the Persian rugs. When you are looking for rugs online, don’t forget to check the knot count.

An authentic Persian rug has at least 120 knots per square inch. You will easily find the knot count in the product description to make a choice.

Consider the material:

The authentic Persian rugs are made of 100% wool material. You will also find a wool-silk blend in the Persian rugs, which gives them a shiny finish. The natural fibers make the Persian rugs soft, comfortable and durable.

When you are purchasing Persian rugs online, ensure you are getting a rug that is made of 100% natural fibers. Some machine-made Persian rugs are also available on the web, which is made of synthetic fibers.



If you want to enjoy the real comfort of Persian rugs, then go with the authentic one.

Natural color:

Natural colors are also identification of Persian rugs. The Persian rugs are not only made of natural fibers but are also colored with natural colors.

You workers make the dye from natural resources to give colors to Persian rugs. So, you should consider the dyes of Persian rugs while buy area rugs online.

Getting a naturally dyed Persian rug will allow you to avoid the chemicals and go green.

Estimate the pricing:

The authentic hand-knitted Persian rugs are a little expensive as compared to machine-made rugs. If you want to get high-quality Persian rugs for your home, then decide on a good budget.

A reliable provider allows people to get the right estimate for pricing. So, you can check the lowest available price on the web and plan a budget accordingly.

Make sure, you avoid the deals that claim to provide quality Persian rugs at the price of machine-made rugs.

Read customer reviews:

When you are purchasing Persian rugs online, customer reviews can truly help you in getting the right product. The past customer reviews will allow you to get genuine detail about the product and real images as well.

Using their feedback, you can easily grab the best deal for you. And you will easily choose the best product.



So, don’t forget to check the testimonials whenever visiting an online store.

Check return services:

What if you receive the completely wrong product? The Persian rugs are expensive and it is the reason why people avoid buying them online. Now, online stores are growing rapidly as they are providing some amazing services to the customers for a better shopping experience, and return services are one of them.

Using easy return services, you can simply replace your product in the case of any disappointment.

So, choose a genuine provider that offers easy return services to you.

In the nutshell:

Choose a reputed store, consider genuine deals, stick with your expectations, and research well, you will get the best Persian rug for your home for sure.